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Israel's Settlement in Canaan the Biblical Tradition and Its Historical Background

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Conclusions at which I had arrived in my more or less isolated discussions of particular points as they arose in the course of preparation of my commentary. Fortunately, my larger work is completed, and would ere now have seen the light had it not been for the great difficulties connected with publication at the present time and I have utilized material embodied in it for many of the questions which call for discussion in the present lectures. I have cited it throughout as Burney, Judges, and have been able for the most part to give reference to the pages in which the points in question receive fuller discussion. Lecture III is based in the main upon work which I have embodied in the introduction to the commentary which will be found there to stand in a fuller and more detailed historical setting of events in Western Asia so far as they have a bearing on the contemporary history of Canaan; and I have also drawn largely on the book in stating my views as to the conquest of the Negeb by a northward advance from kadesh-barnea (pp. 28 ff; cf. Judges, pp. 44 ff), and as to the fortunes of the tribe of Levi (pp. 44 ff. Cf. Judges, pp. 436 ff).

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Autor: C. F. Burney
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