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Autor: Franklin D. Jones
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Mechanical Drawing

A Treatise on the Drawing of Mechanisms and Machine Details, Including the Making of Different Classes of Drawings, the Dimensioning, Reading, and Checking of Working Drawings, Numbering and Filing Systems for Drawings, and General Drafting Room Practice
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AS mechanical drawing has been a very popular subject among students in schools and shops, numerous text-books have been published on mechanical drafting practice. This book is added to the list because the publishers believe that there has been need for a treatise dealing more thoroughly with methods which are actually employed in well-managed drafting-rooms. Many books on mechanical drawing have covered such subjects as geometrical drawing problems, ortho graphic projection, the development of intersecting surfaces, etc., but the application of these principles and the real object of mechanical drawing as related to machine and tool manu facture has been dealt with vaguely, in many instances. The student has been taught certain details, but he has not been given a clear conception of the work of draftsmen and de signers in _the drafting-rooms of machine-building plants. This book presents the subject in a way that will enable the student to understand what the term mechanical drawing really means in its broadest sense, the essential features of modern drafting practice, and the difference between the mere representation of a design by a suitable drawing and the more valuable work of originating and developing the design itself.

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Autor: Franklin D. Jones
ISBN-13 :: 9780243632725
ISBN: 024363272X
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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