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Autor: A. W. Fulton
ISBN-13: 9780243632688
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Sprache: Englisch
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Home Pork Making

A Complete Guide for the Farmer, the Country Butcher and the Suburban Dweller, in All That Pertains to Hog Slaughtering, Curing, Preserving and Storing Pork Product From Scalding Vat to Kitchen Table and Dining Room
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Several chapters are devoted to putting down and curing the different cuts of meat in a variety of ways for many purposes. Here will be found the prized recipes and secret processes employed in making the popular pork specialties for which England, Virginia, Kentucky, New England and other sections are noted. Many of these points involve the old and well-guarded methods upon which more than one fortune has been made, as well as the newest and latest ideas for curing pork and utilizing its products. Among these the subject of pickling and barreling is thoroughly treated, renewing pork brine; care of barrels, etc. The proper curing of hams and shoulders receives minute attention, and so with the work of dry salting bacon and sides. A chapter devoted to smoking and smoke houses affords all necessary light on this important subject, including a number of helpful illustrations; success in keeping bacon and hams is fully described, together with many other features of the work of home curing. The concluding portion of the book affords many interesting details relating to the various cuts of meat in the big packing houses, magnitude of the swine industry and figures covering the importance of our home and foreign trade in pork and pork product.

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Autor: A. W. Fulton
ISBN-13 :: 9780243632688
ISBN: 0243632681
Verlag: Forgotten Books
Sprache: Englisch
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