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The Religion of the Indians of California

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Stringently exacted religious custom. The method of disposing of the dead varied locally between burial and cremation, crema tion being practiced over at least half of the state. Air burial and sea burial were nowhere found. Mourning, which consisted primarily of singing and wailing, began immediately upon death and continued for about a day, sometimes longer by the imme diate relatives of the deceased. Among some tribes this mourning commenced with full vigor some time before impending death, often during the full consciousness of the patient and with his approval. Mutilations on the part of the mourners were not practiced to any great degree, except that the hair was almost universally cut more or less, especially by the women. Among many tribes the widow, but she only, cut or burned off all her hair. Mourning Observances were almost always carried further by the women than men. Among some tribes of the Sierra Ne vada the widow did not speak from the time of her husband's death until the following annual tribal mourning ceremony, ex cept to one attendant, or, in cases of actual necessity, to women only. In the Sierra Nevada was found also the custom of the widow smearing her face and breast with pitch, which was not washed or removed until this annual ceremony. Except in the case of the Northwestern tribes, who possessed more elaborately constructed houses of wood, the house in which a death had oc.

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Autor: A. L. Kroeber
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