The Failure of American and British Propaganda in the Arab Middle East, 1945–1957
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The Failure of American and British Propaganda in the Arab Middle East, 1945–1957

Unconquerable Minds
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J. Vaughan
Cold War History
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Using recently declassified sources, this book provides the first detailed analysis of British and American propaganda targeting the countries of the Middle East during the years of increasing international tension and regional instability immediately following the end of the Second World War. Considering British and American propaganda within the framework of the Cold War crusade against Communism and the Soviet Union, and the developing confrontations between Arab nationalism and the West, the book investigates the central questions of Anglo-American partnership and rivalry in the period when primary responsibility for 'policing' the Middle East passed from one to the other.
Introduction: Strategy and Diplomacy in the Middle East: the Psychological Dimension Instruments of Persuasion: Western Propaganda Machines and the Middle East 'Western Voices, Arab Minds': Orientalism and Propaganda 'Projecting Britain, Selling America': Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle East 'Who Can Be Neutral?' Propaganda and the Middle Eastern Cold War 'The Real Imperialists': Colonialism, Nationalism and the Arab Street 'The Stumbling Block': Western Propaganda and the Arab-Israeli Dispute 'From Alpha to Omega': Political Warfare in the Middle East 'The Last Trump': The Suez Propaganda War 'America's Moment': The Propaganda Failure of the Eisenhower Doctrine Conclusion: Anglo-American Relations and the Failure of Propaganda in the Middle East

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