The Coaching Kaleidoscope
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The Coaching Kaleidoscope

Insights from the Inside
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Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries
INSEAD Business Press
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Through sharing the research methodologies, and describing intervention and change techniques used in leadership development, this book, written by IGLC-INSEAD professors and leadership coaches, contributes to a better understanding of how organizations may go beyond coaching in order to create best places to work.
Preface: Holistic Organizational Coaching; M.Kets De Vries Introduction: An Integrative, Psychodynamic Approach To Evaluating A Leadership Development Program; M.Kets De Vries , E.Florent-Treacy , L.Guillén Ramo & K.Korotov PART I: SETTING THE STAGE Bringing Psychodynamically-Oriented Executive Development Approaches Into Companies And Business Schools; K.Korotov A Psychodynamic Group Coaching Model For Short Executive Programmes; G.Ward Are You Mad, Sad, Bad Or Glad?; M.Kets De Vries PART II: CREATING REFLECTIVE PRACTITIONERS Case Studies Of The Group Coaching Process: Self-Awareness And Change; E.Florent-Treacy Inside The Group Coaching Session; M.Palevsky Is Anybody There?; F.Granja Becoming A Better Coach; A.Bernhardt & K.Korotov PART III: CREATING BETTER PLACES TO WORK Motives Creating Culture: Searching For Meaning; L.Guillén Ramo Impacting The Environment; V.Dominé Coaching Teams And The Role Of Emotional And Social Intelligence For Sustainable, Desired Change; R.E.Boyatzis Towards Creating A Coaching Culture In An Organization; L.Crioux , P.Mulcahy & K.Korotov Connecting The Science Of Management Systems With The Clinical Paradigm; C.Loch The Dark Side Of The Self As Instrument; R.Carlock Coaching For Work-Life Balance; K.Marmenout Exploring Duality Through Group Executive Coaching In Asia; J.Nicholas & K.Twaddell Conclusion: The Creation Of Better Places To Work; M.Kets De Vries , E.Florent-Treacy , K.Korotov & L.Guillén Ramo