Tricky Coaching
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Tricky Coaching

Difficult Cases in Leadership Coaching
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Konstantin Korotov
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INSEAD Business Press

KONSTANTIN KOROTOV Associate Professor at ESMT, European School of Management and Technology in Berlin, Germany, and a senior researcher fellow and executive coach with the INSEAD Global Leadership Center in Fontainebleau, Fracnce. In addition to his academic work, he has over 15 years of practical leadership development experience in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Konstantin received his PhD in Management (Organizational Behavior) at INSEAD. Konstantin currently conducts research on leadership development, leadership coaching, and executive education. He has authored, co-authored or edited numerous books, articles, columns, and special issues of journals on the subjects of leadership, careers, and executive education. As an expert on leadership and management in Russia and post-Soviet economies, Konstantin also conducts research on leadership styles of business elite and emerging leaders in the region.
MANFRED KETS DE VRIES The Raoul de Vitry d'Avaucourt Chaired Professor of Leadership Development and the Clinical Professor of Leadership at INSEAD, France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. He is also the Distinguished Professor of Leadership at the European School of Management and Technology in Berlin (ESMT), Germany. In addition he has held professorships at McGill University, Canada,the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Montreal, Canada,and the Harvard Business School, USA. Kets de Vries is a founding member, and since 2009 a Lifetime Distinguished Member, of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations. The Financial Times, Le Capital, Wirtschaftswoche, The Economist, and the New York Times have judged him one of the world's leading thinkers on leadership. He is the author, co-author or editor of over 30 books and more than 300 articles. His books and articles have been translated into 29 languages. He is a member of seventeen editorial boards. Kets de Vries has been elected a Fellow of the Academy of Management. He has received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to leadership research by the International Leadership Association. Kets de Vries has been included in the Top 50 Management Thinkers 2009.

ANDREAS BERNHARDTis a program director, executive coach and founding member of ESMT's Center for Leadership Development Research and manages ESMT's pool of executive coaches. He teaches and coaches in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Coaching and Change in MBA, Executive MBA, open enrollment, and company specific executive programs. Andreas consults globally operating companies on issues of executive coaching, leadership development, and leading teams in tough times. He also regularly coaches executives on leadership and career issues. Additionally, Andreas has held the position of Head of Leadership and Human Resource Management Programs for USW Schloss Gracht and prior to this worked for several years in the Banking Industry as well as for the German State Police Forces.

ELIZABETH FLORENT-TREACY INSEAD Global Leadership Centre Associate Director, Research leads a team that explores the following themes: leadership development group coaching; global leadership; global organizations; corporate and organizational culture; American, French and Russian business practices; family business issues (governance, succession, strategy); entrepreneurial leadership; cross-cultural management; women and global leadership; cultural aspects of mergers and acquisitions; transformational leadership; expatriate executives and families; and the psychodynamic approach to career and leadership development executive education programs. In addition, the IGLC research team develops 360° leadership survey instruments for use in executive coaching for individuals, teams, and organizations; and works with IGLC faculty to create innovative content and methods for IGLC leadership development modules and pr
Bringing together cases written by experienced leadership and executive coaches from all over the world, this project explores the most demanding and challenging situations they have faced in their professional practices. By analysing and reflecting on the real life case studies the authors show how to deal with these situations in daily life.
Uncovers and exposes the 'black box' of coaching - analyses the most difficult and unusual cases seen by the expert contributors and editors, and presents them as learning cases for the reader
Introduction: What Can Be Tricky in Leadership Coaching?; M.Kets De Vries , K.Korotov , E.Florent-Treacy & A.Bernhardt Cases in Coaching Development: A User's Guide; M.Kets De Vries , K.Korotov , E.Florent-Treacy & A.Bernhardt Cases and Commentaries What to Do When the Coachee Doesn't Want to Take Responsibility for His Role in His Own Problems?; G.Barkus How Much Can a Coach do for His or Her Coachee?; G.Becker Parallel Processes in Coaching; P.Boback Coach as a Substitute for Leadership; D.Bohnsack When the Values Clash; S.Dembkowski From Church to Corporation via Executive Education - an Impossible Transition?; E.Florent-Treacy & A.Halczewska-Figuet Group Coaching vs. Facilitating Coaching by Group Members?; B.Goegduen Can the Right Thing be Wrong?; B.Heller Idealizing the Coachee in His Role; T.Hellwing Ambivalence, Fundamentalism, and a Turnaround ina Global Environment; A.Houston-Kelley Can Coaching Substitute for Lack of Life Experience?; A.Karboul When the Coachee Walks Out on You; S.Matthies Emotional Issues in Coaching; M.Palevsky Insider Information, Internal Competition, and the Role of Coaching; R.Pfeiffer Who is the Client?; M.Reynolds How Much Freedom Does a Coach Have?; A.Urnova Just Look at Yourself: How can Anyone Be Led By You?; S. Khapova & E.Yuval Managing Coaches - Herding Cats?; K.Mccourt Conclusion: Learning From Tricky Coaching: How Coaches Develop; M.Kets De Vries , K.Korotov , E.Florent-Treacy & A.Bernhardt

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