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Sensualities/Textualities and Technologies
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Writings of the Body in 21st Century Performance
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Susan Broadhurst
Palgrave Studies in Performance and Technology
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This innovative collection features essays by a range of internationally renowned scholars and reconsiders textual practices in contemporary performance, specifically focusing on the exciting exchange between text, body and technology.
List of Illustrations Foreword; R.Allsopp Notes on Editors Notes on Contributors Introduction; S.Broadhurst & J.Machon PART I: WRITING AND TECHNOLOGIES – NEW EPISTEMOLOGIES Digital practices: new writings of the body; S.Broadhurst Texts from the Body; T.Warr De-Second-Naturing: Word Unbecoming Flesh in the work of Bodies in Flight; S.Giddens & S.Jones The body of the text: the uses of the 'ScreenPage' in new media; P.Ellis PART II: THE BODY WRITES ITSELF… PROSTHETIC HEAD: Ideas& Anecdotes on the Seductiveness of Embodied Conversational Agents; STELARC Performative (dis)closures – sensual readings and writings of the positive body; P.Woodward The Supernatural Embodied Text: Creating Moj of the Antarctic with the Living and the Dead; M.Adebayo The Physical Journal: The living body that writes and rewrites itself; O.Taiwo PART III: PERFORMING THE BODY/PERFORMING THE TEXT… WRITING THE BODY/WRITING THE TEXT Socializing the Self: Autoethnographical Performance and the Social Signature; J.Freeman La Fura dels Baus's XXX : Deviant Textualities& The Formless; R.Mock Bodies in suspension: the aesthetics of doubt in Honour Bound ; R.Fensham TRANSLATION: words < - > movement < - > bits; D.Stoppiello PART IV: CORPOREAL INTERTEXTUALITIES – BODY/TEXT/TECHNOLOGIES Speaking for Performance / Writing with the Voice; F.Templeton Authenticity and perception in the making of Utah Sunshine: a dance theatre/arts film; R.Way & R.Frampton (Syn)aesthetic Writings: Caryl Churchill's Sensual Textualities and the Rebirth of Text; J.Machon Index

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