Food Hygiene and Toxicology in Ready to Eat Foods

Food Hygiene and Toxicology in Ready to Eat Foods
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Parthena Kotzekidou
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Kotzekidou, ParthenaProf. Dr. Parthena Kotzekidou is Professor of Food Microbiology at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She received a B.S. from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1976 and a Ph.D. degree in Food Microbiology from the Technical University of Munich, Germany in 1980. She was appointed Lecturer in 1981 and Professor of Food Microbiology at the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1998. Her research interests include detection of foodborne pathogens in ready-to-eat foods; application of starter cultures and protective cultures to improve the quality and safety of ready-to-eat foods; identification and characterization of microorganisms in foods; and microbial production of enzymes, carotenes and organic acids. Professor Kotzekidou has participated in several externally-funded research projects. She was visiting research scientist at the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK; the Institute of Bacteriology, Technical University of Munich, Weihenstephan, Germany; and the Institute for Food Science and Technology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA. She has published over 44 peer-reviewed articles in international journals and has more than 800 citations. She has co-authored several chapters in international books and holds two patents in the fields of carotenes production by microorganisms of the Greek Patent Office.

Food Hygiene and Toxicology in Ready-to-Eat Foods is a solid reference for anyone in the food industry needing to understand the complex issues and mechanisms of biological control and chemical hazards to ensure food safety. infectious and non-infectious contaminants in raw, minimally processed, and prepared foods are covered in detail, as well as effective measures to avoid foodborne infections and intoxications. The book is written by an international team of experts presenting the most up-to-date research in the field, and provides current applications and guidance to enhance food safety in the food industry. Strategies and recommendations for each food category include, among others, how to avoid cross-contamination of pathogens, the proper uses of antimicrobial coatings and spray cleanings of fresh produce, and acrylamide reduction during processing. leafy vegetables, fruit juices, nuts, meat and dairy products are some of the ready-to-eat foods covered.

  • Provides the latest on research and development in the field of food safety incorporating practical real life examples for microbiological risk assessment and reduction in the food industry
  • Includes specific aspects of potential contamination and the importance of various risks associated with ready-to-eat foods
  • Describes potential harmful agents that may arise in foods during processing and packaging
  • Presents information on psychrotropic pathogens and food poisoning strains, effect of temperature, Salmonella, Listeria, Escherichia coli, Bacillus cereus, Norovirus, parasites, fungal microbiota, enterotoxins, and more

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Outbreaks and Biological Hygiene

Part 3: Fruits & Vegetables

Part 4: Street Foods

Part 5: Meats & Dairy

Part 6: Outbreaks and Non-Biological Hygiene

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