Plant Tissue Culture
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Plant Tissue Culture

Techniques and Experiments
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Roberta H. Smith
340 g
227x154x15 mm
Academic Press

Plant Tissue Culture, Third Edition builds on the classroom tested, audience proven manual that has guided users through successful plant culturing A.tumefaciens mediated transformation, infusion technology, the latest information on media components and preparation, and regeneration and morphogenesis along with new exercises and diagrams provide current information and examples.
The included experiments demonstrate major concepts and can be conducted with a variety of plant material that are readily available throughout the year. This book provides a diverse learning experience and is appropriate for both university students and plant scientists.

Provides new exercises demonstrating tobacco leaf infiltration to observe transient expression of proteins and subcellular location of the protein, and information on development of a customized protocol for protoplast isolation for other experimental systems
Includes detailed drawings that complement both introductions and experiments
Guides reader from lab setup to supplies, stock solution and media preparation, explant selection and disinfestations, and experimental observations and measurement
Provides the latest techniques and media information, including A. tumefaciens mediated transformation and infusion technology
Fully updated literature
1. History of Plant Cell Culture 2. Setup of a Tissue Culture Laboratory 3. Media Components and Preparation 4. Explant Preparation 5. Contamination 6. Callus Induction 7. Regeneration and Morphogenesis 8. Woody Shrubs and Trees 9. Haploid Plants from Anther Culture 10. Embryo Rescue 11. Meristem Culture for Virus-Free Plants 12. In Vitro Propagation for Commercial Production of Ornamentals 13. Protoplast Isolation and Fusion 14. Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of Plants

Appendix I: Useful Measurements II: Review of Solution Preparation III: List of Suppliers IV: Common Plant Tissue Culture Terms

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