Data Governance
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Data Governance

How to Design, Deploy and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program
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John Ladley
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Morgan Kaufmann

Ladley, JohnJohn Ladley is a business thought leader and recognized authority in all aspects of Enterprise Information Management (EIM) with 35 years' experience in planning, project management, improving IT organizations and successful implementation of information systems. John has led teams focused on improving a client's business results through business intelligence, information management and data governance.
John is widely published. John frequently writes and speaks on a variety of technology and data topics. His information management experience is balanced between strategic technology planning, project management and practical application of technology to business problems.
This book is for any manager or team leader that has the green light to implement a data governance program. The problem of managing data continues to grow with issues surrounding cost of storage, exponential growth, as well as administrative, management and security concerns - the solution to being able to scale all of these issues up is data governance which provides better services to users and saves money. What you will find in this book is an overview of why data governance is needed, how to design, initiate, and execute a program and how to keep the program sustainable. With the provided framework and case studies you will be enabled and educated in launching your very own successful and money saving data governance program.

Provides a complete overview of the data governance lifecycle, that can help you discern technology and staff needs
Specifically aimed at managers who need to implement a data governance program at their company
Includes case studies to detail 'do's' and 'don'ts' in real-world situations

1. Introduction

2. Definition

3. Data Governance Program Overview

4. The Business Case

5. Components of DG

6. Scope

7. Assess

8. Align and business case

9. Functional design

10. Organization design

11. Deploy

12. Sustain

13. Executing DG - Practical Guide

14. Summary


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