Natural Resource Administration: Wildlife, Fisheries, Forests and Parks

Natural Resource Administration: Wildlife, Fisheries, Forests and Parks
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Donald W. Sparling
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Donald W. Sparling is an Associate Professor at Southern Illinois University. Having written more than 100 publications, his research interests in wildlife ecology include contaminant ecology, specifically the effects of contaminants on amphibians, reptiles, and birds; and wetland ecology, including storm water wetlands and the development of an index of biological integrity for assessing wetland conditions.

Natural Resource and Wildlife Administration presents a clear perspective on natural resource administration in North America, how it developed, how it is currently structured, and where it might be heading. Intertwined areas of natural resources, including wildlife administration, fisheries, forestry, and other competitive land uses, are heavily discussed. The book covers the history of natural resource management in Europe and North America, proceeding to environmental law; agencies involved in wildlife and natural resource management; and the human dimensions of public relations and economic concerns.

Natural Resource and Wildlife Administration provides solid background on the history of natural resource conservation, critical laws protecting resources, and the nature of agencies. The interconnectedness among natural resources makes this a useful text for disciplines such as wildlife, fisheries, and forestry.

  • Covers the development of natural resource law and the conservation agencies in North America, and also provides models for international use
  • Examines the roles of diverse federal, state, and non-governmental agencies, and how they cooperate as professionals to accomplish natural resources management
  • Leads readers to a greater understanding of the politics and interplay of priorities in professional conservation biology
  • Assists the certification processes of professional societies
  • Includes end-of-chapter questions for further thought and discussion, as well as offset boxes throughout the text to help explain more technical subjects

Section 1: Basics of Natural Resource 1. Introduction - What Does "Natural Resources" Include? 2. Differing Perspectives on Natural Resource Policy

Section 2. Environmental History and Law 3. History of Wildlife and Natural Resource Conservation 4. Historical Perspectives on the "Ownership" of Wildlife 5. A Closer Look at Key Environmental Laws

Section 3. The Bureaucracy of Natural Resources 6. Federal Administration in Canada 7. U.S. Department of the Interior 8. U.S. Department of Agriculture 9. Administration at the Provincial and State Level

Section 4. Non-governmental Agencies, People and Money 10. A Selected List of Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) 11. Stakeholders, clients and cooperators: Who Are They? 12. The Need for a Good Public Relations Department 13. The Bottom Line - Funding Sources and the Budgetary Process 14. What Next?

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