Individual Case Formulation

Individual Case Formulation
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Richard Hallam
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Richard S Hallam is Visiting Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Greenwich, London. His career has combined teaching, research and professional practice in clinical psychology. Books he has had published include Counselling for Anxiety Problems (1992) and Virtual Selves, Real Persons (2009).
Case formulation aims to identify a client¿s presenting problems, the causes of those problems and what helps to maintain them in their current state and what might help resolve these problems via a treatment plan. Case formulation is a skill that is increasingly being lost as therapists rely more on manuals and psychiatric diagnostic schemes. This book compares and criticizes case formulation in different schools of therapy and then guides clinicians on how to implement a cross-theory case formulation that is more thorough and flexible than one tied to a specific school of therapy. The book identifies potential errors in clinical decision-making and helps illustrate the case formulation process via a line-by-line commentary on interview transcripts.
1. Formulation-the Main Issues 2. Conceptual Frameworks for Case Formulation 3. Evidence-Based Practice: Diagnostic and Transdiagnostic Approaches 4. Theory and Evidence in Individual Case Formulation 5. The Process of Reasoning in Individual Case Formulation 6. Narrative and Textual Analysis in Formulation 7. Formulation Skills and the Therapeutic Relationship 8. A Functional/Systemic Framework for Case Formulation 9. Future Prospects for Individual Case Formulation Guidelines for Assessment and Constructing an Individual Case Formulation (ICF)

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