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How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap Between Business, Technology, and People
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Milan Guenther
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Morgan Kaufmann

Many organizations struggle with the dynamics and the complexity of today's social ecosystems that connect everyone and everything, everywhere and all the time. Facing challenges at the intersection of business models, technical developments, and human needs, modern enterprises must overcome the siloed thinking and isolated efforts of the past, and instead address their relationships to people holistically. In Intersection, Milan Guenther introduces a Strategic Design approach that aligns the overarching efforts of Branding, Enterprise Architecture, and Experience Design, and sets them on a common course to shape tomorrow's enterprises.

This book gives designers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders a model and a comprehensive vocabulary for tackling such deep-rooted challenges. The Enterprise Design framework cuts through the complexity of Strategic Design work, showing how to navigate key aspects and bridge diverging viewpoints. In 9 case studies, the author looks at the way companies like SAP, BBVA, IKEA, and Jeppesen (a Boeing Company) apply design thinking and practice to shape their enterprises. Moving from strategy to conceptual design and concrete results, Intersection shows what is relevant at which point, and what expertise to involve.

  • Teaches how to align business strategy with Brand Identity, Customer Experience, and Enterprise Architecture initiatives as part of a consolidated enterprise-wide design practice to achieve stakeholder value
  • Provides a framework for designing systems, products and services as the building blocks of a consistent and coherent experience for all stakeholders in the wider enterprise, joining strategic considerations with the delivery of tangible outcomes
  • Explains how to make results such as websites, apps, objects, platforms, or environments part of a larger system that orchestrates enterprise touchpoints with people


Part I: Thoughts on Strategic Design

Chapter 1: The Relationship Challenge

Chapter 2: Blurring Boundaries

Chapter 3: The Design-Minded Enterprise

Part II: The Enterprise Design Framework

Chapter 4: Big Picture

Chapter 5: Anatomy

Chapter 6: Frames

Chapter 7: Design Space

Chapter 8: Rendering

Part III: Design Approach

Chapter 9: Design Process

Chapter 10: Design Program