Theory of Simple Liquids

Theory of Simple Liquids
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with Applications to Soft Matter
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Jean-Pierre (Department of Chemistry Hansen
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Comprehensive coverage of topics in the theory of classical liquids

Widely regarded as the standard text in its field, Theory of Simple Liquids gives an advanced but self-contained account of liquid state theory within the unifying framework provided by classical statistical mechanics. The structure of this revised and updated Fourth Edition is similar to that of the previous one but there are significant shifts in emphasis and much new material has been added.

Major changes and Key Features in content include:

  • Expansion of existing sections on simulation methods, liquid-vapour coexistence, the hierarchical reference theory of criticality, and the dynamics of super-cooled liquids.
  • New sections on binary fluid mixtures, surface tension, wetting, the asymptotic decay of pair correlations, fluids in porous media, the thermodynamics of glasses, and fluid flow at solid surfaces.
  • An entirely new chapter on applications to 'soft matter' of a combination of liquid state theory and coarse graining strategies, with sections on polymer solutions and polymer melts, colloidal dispersions, colloid-polymer mixtures, lyotropic liquid crystals, colloidal dynamics, and on clustering and gelation.
Chapter 1. Introduction Chapter 2. Statistical Mechanics Chapter 3. Static Properties of Liquids: Thermodynamics and Structure Chapter 4. Distribution function Theories Chapter 5. Perturbation Theory Chapter 6. Inhomogeneous Fluids Chapter 7. Time-dependent Correlation and Response Functions Chapter 8. Hydrodynamics and Transport Coefficients Chapter 9. Theories of Time correlation Functions Chapter 10.Ionic Liquids Chapter 11.Molecular LiquidsChapter 12.Applications to Soft MatterAppendix A. FluctuationsAppendix B. Two Theorems in Density Functional TheoryAppendix C. Lemmas on DiagramsAppendix D. Solution of the PY Equation for Hard SpheresAppendix E. Scaled Particle TheoryAppendix F. An Exact Integral Equation for p(1)(r)Appendix G. Some Basic Properties of PolymersAppendix H. Density Profile of a Polymer Brush

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