Cryo-Em Part B: 3-D Reconstruction

Cryo-Em Part B: 3-D Reconstruction
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Volume 482
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This volume is dedicated to a description of the instruments, samples, protocols, and analyses that belong to cryo-EM. It emphasizes the relatedness of the ideas, instrumentation, and methods underlying all cryo-EM approaches, which allow practitioners to easily move between them. Within each section, the articles are ordered according to the most common symmetry of the sample to which their methods are applied.
1. Fundamentals of three-dimensional reconstruction from projections
Pawel A. Penczek
2. Image Restoration in Cryo-electron Microscopy
Pawel A. Penczek
3. Resolution measures in molecular electron microscopy
Pawel A. Penczek
4. 3D reconstruction from 2D crystal image and diffraction data
Andreas Schenk, Daniel Castaño-Díez, Bryant Gipson, Marcel Arheit, Xiangyan Zeng, and Henning Stahlberg
5. Fourier-Bessel Reconstruction of Helical Assemblies
David L Stokes, Ruben Diaz & William, J. Rice
6. Reconstruction of Helical Filaments and Tubes
Edward H Egelman
7. Three-Dimensional Asymmetric Reconstruction of Tailed Bacteriophage
Jinghua Tang, Robert S. Sinkovits, and Timothy S. Baker
8. Single Particle Analysis at High Resolution
Yao Cong and Steven J. Ludtke
9. The Orthogonal Tilt Reconstruction method
Andres Leschziner
10. An introduction to maximum-likelihood methods in cryo-EM
Fred J. Sigworth, Peter C. Doerschuk, Jose-Maria Carazo, and Sjors H.W. Scheres
11. Classification of structural heterogeneity by maximum-likelihood methods
Sjors H.W. Scheres
12. Methods for three-dimensional reconstruction of heterogeneous assemblies
Elena V Orlova, Helen R. Saibil
13. Alignment of cryo-electron tomography datasets
Fernando Amat, Daniel Casta~no-Diez, Albert Lawrence, Farshid Moussavi, Hanspeter Winkler, & Mark Horowitz
14. Correcting for the Ewald sphere in high resolution single particle reconstructions
Grant J Jensen, Peter A. Leong, Xuekui Yu, & Z. Hong Zhou
15. Software Tools For Molecular Microscopy: An Open-Text Wikibook
Bridget Carragher, Neil R. Voss, Clinton S. Potter, & Ross Smith

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