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A Developer's Guide
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Clif Flynt
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Morgan Kaufmann

Flynt, ClifClif Flynt is a professional programmer and has been a Tcl advocate since 1994. He has developed Tcl applications for the e-commerce, factory control, computer-based education, network analysis, games, firewall configuration, systems administration, and more. He has taught Tcl/Tk seminars in colleges and corporations around the world and writes regularly on Tcl/Tk for the developer community.
Newly updated with over 150 pages of material on the latest Tcl extensions, Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Gu ide is a unique practical tutorial for professional programmers and beginners alike. Starting with a clear picture of the basics, Tcl/Tk covers the variety of tools in this "Swiss army knife" of programming languages, giving you the ability to enhance your programs, extend your application's capabilities, and become a more effective programmer.

This updated edition covers all of the new features of version 8.6, including object-oriented programming and the creation of megawidgets, existing data structure implementations, themed widgets and virtual events. Extensive code snippets and online tutorials in various languages will give you a firm grasp on how to use the Tcl/Tk libraries and interpreters and, most importantly, on what constitutes an effective strategy for using Tcl/Tk.

Includes the latest features of Tcl/Tk 8.6
Covers Tcl development tools, popular extensions, and packages to allow developers to solve real-world problems with Tcl/Tk immediately
Provides straightforward explanations for beginners and offers tips, style guidelines, and debugging techniques for advanced users
1. Tcl/Tk Features 2. The Mechanics of Using the Tcl and Tk Interpreters 3. Introduction to the Tcl Language 4. File System, Disk I/O and Sockets 5. Using Strings and Lists 6. Basic list, array and dict 7. Advanced List, array and dict 8. Procedure Techniques 9. Namespaces 10. Basic TclOO 11. Advanced TclOO 12. Packages and modules 13. Introduction to Tk Graphics 14. Overview of the canvas Widget 15. The text widget and htmllib 16. Themed Widgets 17. Tk Megawidgets 18. Writing a Tcl Extension 19. Extensions and Packages 20. Programming Tools 21. Debugging and Optimization techniques 22. Tips and Techniques

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