Atlas of Drosophila Morphology
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Atlas of Drosophila Morphology

Wild-type and Classical Mutants
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Sylwester Chyb
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289x245x28 mm
Academic Press

Chyb, SylwesterSylwester Chyb is a Visiting Scholar at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. He is interested in the molecular mechanisms underlying insect sensory systems.

Gompel, Nicolas
Nicolas Gompel is an investigator at the Institute de Biologie du Développement de Marseille (France). His research focuses on the evolution of morphology and behavior in fruit flies.
The Atlas of Drosophila Morphology: Wild-type and Classical Mutants is the guide every Drosophila researcher wished they had when first learning genetic markers, and the tool they wish they had now as a handy reference in their lab research. Previously, scientists had only poor-quality images or sketches to work with, and then scattered resources online - but no single visual resource quickly at their fingertips when explaining markers to new members of the lab, or selecting flies to do their genetic crosses, or hybrids.

This alphabetized guide to Drosophila genetic markers lays flat in the lab for easy referencing. It contains high-resolution images of flies and the appropriate marker on the left side of each page and helpful information for the marker on the facing page, such as symbol, gene name, synonyms, chromosome location, brief informative description of the morphology, and comments on marker reliability. A companion website with updated information, useful links, and additional data provided by the authors complements this extremely valuable resource.

Provides an opening chapter with a well-illustrated introduction to Drosophila morphology
Features high-resolution illustrations, including those of the most common markers used by Drosophila researchers
Contains brief, practical descriptions and tips for deciphering the phenotype
Includes material relevant for beginners and the most experienced fly pushers
Atlas of Drosophila Morphology

Chyb & Gompel



How to Use this Book


Technical Notes


Wild-type morphology


Sexual dimorphism


Head appendages

Thorax (dorsal view)

Thorax (lateral view)

Wing and haltere


Life stages: third instar larva and pupa

Pupal development

Eclosion and virgins

Bristle markers

(Bl, dm, emc, f, h, Hu, jv, M, Pin, sc, Sco, sn, Sp, ss)

Wing markers

(ci, ct, cu, Cy, D, dp, Ly, m, N, ri, Ser, ve, vg, wg, Xa)

Markers of other appendages

(al, Antp, Dll, Sc,r th, Ubx)

Eye shape markers

(B, Dfd, Dr, ey, Gl, gl, Gla, If, L, oc, ro, Roi, ru)

Eye color markers

(bw, ca, cn, g, Hn, ka, lt, Mé, p, pr, ry, se, st, v, w)

Body markers

(Bc, e, ptg, sp, Tb, y)

Summary plates


Eye Shape

Eye Color


Balancer chromosomes

(FM6, FM7a, FM7c, FM7d, FM7i, CyO, SM1, SM5, SM6a, SM6b, T(2;3)CyO-TM9, MRS, MKRS, TM1, TM2, TM3, TM6, TM6B, TM6C, TM8, TM9, Selected multi-balancer stocks)

D. melanogaster subgroup species

Taxonomy and distribution


Male epandria (external genitalia)

D. melanogaster

D. simulans

D. sechellia

D. mauritania

D. teissieri

D. erecta

D. orena

D. yakuba

D. santomea

Male external genitalia


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