Human Biochemistry
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Human Biochemistry

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Gerald Litwack
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Litwack, GeraldDr. Litwack was formerly Professor of Molecular and Cellular Medicine and Associate Director at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Texas A & M Health Science Center.
Human Biochemistry includes clinical case studies and applications that are useful to medical, dentistry and pharmacy students. It enables users to practice for future careers as both clinicians and researchers.

Offering immediate application of biochemical principles into clinical terms in an updated way, this book is the unparalleled textbook for medical biochemistry courses in medical, dental and pharmacy programs.

Winner of a 2018 Most Promising New Textbook (College) Award (Texty) from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association
Offers immediate application of biochemical principles into clinical terms in an updated way
Contains coverage of the most current research in medical biochemistry
Presents the first solution designed to reflect the needs of both research oriented and clinically oriented medical students
1. Organ Systems and Tissues 2. The Cell 3. Water, pH, Buffers, General Features of Receptors, Channels and Pumps 4. Proteins 5. Enzymes 6. Insulin and Sugars 7. Glycogen and Glycogenolysis 8. Glycolysis and Gluconeogensis 9. Lipids 10. Nucleic Acids and Molecular Genetics 11. Protein Biosynthesis 12. Transcription 13. Metabolism of Amino Acids 14. Metabolism of Fat, Carbohydrate and Nucleic Acids 15. Polypeptide Hormones 16. Steroid Hormones 17. Growth Factors and Cytokines 18. Membrane Transport 19. Micronutrients (Metals and Iodine) 20. Vitamins and Nutrition 21. Blood and lymphatic system

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