Pediatric Bone
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Pediatric Bone

Biology & Diseases
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Francis H. Glorieux
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The second edition of this classic reference deals exclusively with the biology and diseases of bone as they affect children. Rapid advances have been made in our understanding of the mechanisms and factors controlling the growth and development of bone, and these are discussed in detail in this book. Further, the various diseases of bone that are peculiar to children are highlighted and discussed in the light of our current knowledge with regard to causation, clinical signs and treatment. The book is aimed to provide those clinicians interested in children's diseases and basic scientists with a comprehensive resource covering the various aspects of bone health and disease in children.

  • Deals exclusively with bone development and diseases of children and each chapter is written by an expert in the field
  • Fully referenced providing an appendix of usually difficult to find information on the investigation of pediatric bone disease and reference values
  • Covers both the physiology of bone and mineral homeostasis in children and diseases in one book

1. Bone Cell Biology: Osteoblasts, Osteocytes, Osteoclasts 2. Bone Matrix and Mineralization 3. Prenatal Bone Development 4. Postnatal Bone Growth 5. Dental Development and Maturation 6. Parathyroid Hormone and Calcium Homeostasis 7. Phosphate Homeostasis Regulatory Mechanisms 8. Vitamin D Biology 9. Peak Bone Mass and Its Regulation 10. Pregnancy and Lactation 11. Fetal Mineral Homeostasis 12. Radiology 13. Noninvasisve Techniques for Bone Mass Measurement 14. Assessment of Skeletal Maturity 15. Biochemical Markers of Bone Metabolism 16. Pediatric Bone Histomorphometry 17. A Diagnostic Approach to Skeletal Dysplasias 18. The Spectrum of Pediatric Osteoporosis 19. Osteogenesis Imperfecta 20. Sclerosing Bone Dysplasias 21. Parathyroid Disorders 22. Fibrous Dysplasia 23. Nutritional Rickets 24. Metabolic Bone Disease in the Neonatal Period and its Later Sequelae 25. Hereditary Abnormalities of Vitamin D Synthesis or Action 26. Familial Hypophosphatemia and Related Disorders 27. Rickets Due to Tubular Abnormalities 28. Hypophosphatasia 29. Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral and Bone Disorder 30. Extraskeletal Bone Formation