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Volume 480
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In this 3 volume collection focusing on glycomics, readers will appreciate how such discoveries were made and how such methods can be applied for readers' own research efforts

Section I. Proteoglycans and Sulfotransferases

1. 3-O-sulfotransferases

Nicholas Scworak

2. Proteoglycan and signal transduction

Michael Simon

3. Glypican function

Xinhua Lin

4. Glycomics profiling of heparan sulfate

Jeremy Turnbull

Section II. Infection and lectin

5. Recognition of carbohydrates by natural killer T cells

Mitch Kronenberg

6. Microbial glycoconjugates in innate immunology

Antonio Molinaro

7. Schistosome glycolipids and their role in innate immunity

Irma Van Die and Rudolf Guyer

8. Carbohydrate-specific signaling through the DC-SIGN

Teunis Geijtenbeek

9. Natural and engineered carbohydrate-recognition domains for targeted glycoproteomic analysis of cell surface glycosylation and identification of ligands for glycan-binding receptors

Kurt Drickamer

10. MRH-domain containing lectin ERAD

Nobuko Hirosawa

11. Galectin and the control of immune tolerance

Gabriel Rabinovich

12. Galectin and cell signaling

Michel Demetriou

13. Galectin-1 and HIV infection

Sachiko Sato

Secion III. Drosophila

14. Drosophila N- and O-glycans

Michael Tiemeyer

15. MRH-domain containing lectin ERAD

Nobuko Hirosawa

16. Drosophila proteoglycans

Shoko Nishihara

Section IV. Notch Signaling

17. O-GlcNAc modification of EGF domain of notch

Tetsuya Okajima

18. Regulation of Notch signaling via O-glycosylation

Jafar-Nejad Hamed

Section V. New Development

19. O-fucosylation of Thrombospondin type 1 repeats

Robert Haltiwanger

20. Unique glycans attached to unique glycoproteins

Michael Pierce

21. Autoantibodies against carbohydrates

Michel Hollingsworth

22. GPRH is critical for Golgi apparatus function

Yusuke Maeda and Taroh Kinoshita

23. Genome-wide RNAi screen for N-glycosylation loci

Weston B Struwe

24. Fucosyl glycans that bind to Helicobacter pylori

Tatsuo Miyazaki and Katsumi Ajisaka

25. Seven-pass transmembrane glycoprotein, a glucose-responding receptor

Yoshio Hirabayashi

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