The Amateurs

The Amateurs
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John Niven
277 g
198x128x30 mm

John Niven was born in Irvine, Ayrshire. He is the author of ten novels and has written for a wide range of publications, including a weekly column for the Scottish Sunday Mail. He lives in Buckinghamshire.

GARY is a sweet and decent man. Only two things would improve his life - having children with his gorgeous wife Pauline, and a lower golf handicap. Both are unlikely.

PAULINE is wondering how she ended up living in an ugly little house, driving a second-hand car and making a living dressing up as Tinkerbell. She's planning to leave Gary for a self-made carpet millionaire.

FINDLAY, the Carpet King of Scotland, wants to trade in his obese wife for a younger model. But if he goes for a divorce she'll take him to the cleaners. If only there was some way she could be made to disappear...

LEE, Gary's luckless brother, has botched one too many drug deals. Local crime overlord Ranta Campbell gives him one more job - one last chance to get it right. Lee's done some bad things - but murder?

When Gary gets smashed on the head by a golf ball and miraculously develops an absolutely perfect swing, everyone finds their fates rest on the final day of the Open Championship...

Nur zwei unwahrscheinliche Dinge könnten Gary Irvines Leben verbessern: Kinder und ein geringeres Handicap. Doch Garys Frau will ihn verlassen und Gary selbst ist ein miserabler Golfer. Als ein Golfball ihn fatal am Kopf erwischt, verändert sich sein Leben radikal. Derweil verwickelt sich Garys Bruder Lee in immer kriminellere Machenschaften: nach zu vielen vermasselten Drogendeals gibt Gangsterboss Ranta Campbell ihm einen letzten Job, um seinen Hintern zu retten.

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