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Some Thoughts from Pope Francis
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Pope Francis
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More than 120 succinct thoughts, ideas, positions, and philosophical notions from Pope Francis. Topics include the most crucial issues of our times: the worship of money, global warming, disposable people, the environment, poverty, slavery, human dignity, the nature of property, the war industry, and many more. 

ContentsForeword viiOn the Worship of Money 3On Grassroots Organizations 4On Solidarity 5On Social Activists 6On Altruism and Hypocrisy 7On Land 8On Housing 9On Real Estate 10On Slums 11On Work 12On Exploitation 13On the Value of Workers 14On the Discarding of People 15On Unemployment 16On the War Industry 18On the Plunder of Nature 19On Integrating the Local and the Global 20On Grassroots Movements 21On the Cost of Consumerism 22On the Loss of Happiness 23On the Spreading of Goodness 24On the Economy of Exclusion 25On People as Leftovers 26On Trickle-down Economics 27On the Financial Crisis 28On the Wealth Gap 29On Ethics 30On Inequality 31On Religious Freedom 32On Superficial Culture 33On the Rejection of the Transcendent 34On The Cultural Crisis within Families 35On Urban Crime 36On Christian Service 37On Liberation Communication 38On the Quest for Spirituality 39On Talk 40On the Liberation and Promotion of the Poor 41On the Social Function of Property 42On the Rights of All Peoples 43On Labor Disparity 44On the Elderly 45On Religious Freedom 46On Attitudes for Religious Freedom 47On Remedying the Causes of Poverty 48On Irksome Discourse 49On Market Forces 50On Politicians 51On Global Economics 52On Papal Interest 53On the Defense of Species 54On the Nature of Peace 55On Time and Space 56On Ideas and Realities 57On Globalization and Localization 58On Relations with Islam 59On Embracing Muslims 60On Mary 61On Fear of Freedom 62On Migrants and Refugees 63On Slaves 64On the Causes of Slavery 66On the Seeking of Truth 68On Religious Freedom 69On Financial Markets 70On Legacy 71On the Courage to Make Peace 72On Expectations of the G20 73On ISIS 74On Global Warming 75On Dialogue with Other Religions 76On Grandparents 77On the Olympics 78On Hidden Slavery 79On Islamophobia 80On Christianophobia 81On His Prayer in a Mosque 82On the Ongoing Third World War 83On Atomic Weapons 84On Middle East Peace 85On Hunger 86On Solidarity and Hunger 87On the Concept of Person 88On Dignity and Economic Interests 89On Individual Rights and Duties 90On Loneliness 91On Transcendence of Heaven and Earth 92On Stewardship of Nature 93On Christians as a Soul 94On Experimentation with Life 95On Economy and Finance 96On Religious Diversity 97On Rugby 98On Torture 99On Stopping Aggressors 100On Diplomacy 101On the Work of Justice 102On Cultivation 103On Playing with Children 104On Unemployment 105On Pilgrims 106On Learning 107On Education 108On Hope 109On Homosexuality 110On Soccer 111On Healthcare 112On Right to Life 113On Economy and Morality 114On Abuse of Children by Priests 115On Educational Experimentation 116On New Culture 117On Human Trafficking 118On Mayors 119On His Own Happiness 120On Work 121On Unemployment 122On Marriage Forever 123On Jorge Mario Bergoglio 124Laudato Si: Encyclical on Careof Our Common Home (excerpts) 127Sources 193

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