Missing Fay
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Missing Fay

 B-format paperback
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B-format paperback
Adam Thorpe
268 g
198x129x20 mm

Adam Thorpe, 1956 in Paris geboren, ist in Indien, Kamerun und England aufgewachsen. Er lehrte in London Englische Literatur und Theaterwissenschaften und hat Lyrik, Dramen und Hörspiele verfasst. 1992 erschien sein erster Roman, Ulverton, der mit dem Winifred Holtby Memorial Prize ausgezeichnet wurde. Adam Thorpe lebt in Frankreich.
'An intricately crafted novel, sharp-eared, current and full of heart' Guardian, Books of the Year
A spirited fourteen-year-old, Fay, goes missing from a Lincoln council estate. Is she a runaway, or a victim - another face on a poster gradually fading with time? The story of her last few days before she vanishes is interwoven with the varied lives of six locals - all touched in life-changing ways.

David is on a family holiday on the bleak Lincolnshire coast; Howard, a retired steel worker with some dodgy friends; Cosmina, a Romanian immigrant; Sheena, middle-aged and single, running a kiddies' clothes shop; Mike, owner of a second-hand bookshop and secretly in love with Cosmina; and Chris, a TV-producer-become-monk struggling to leave the ordinary world behind. All are involuntary witnesses to the lost girl; paths cross, threads touch, connections are made or lost. Is Fay alive or dead? Or somewhere in between?
A mysterious haunting novel starring a cast of brilliant eccentrics bound together by a missing girl

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