The Music of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - I

The Music of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - I
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Suite One
Track 1: Platform 9 3/4
Track 2: The Hogwarts Express
Track 3: Welcome to Hogwarts
Track 4: Wand Dance
Track 5: Albus Severus Potter
Track 6: The Blanket
Track 7: Hut on the Rock
Track 8: A Malfoy
Track 9: Anything from the Trolley, Dears?
Track 10: Ministry of Magic
Track 11: St. Oswald's
Track 12: Wizarding World
Track 13: Shadows and Spirits

Suite Two
Track 14: Privet Drive
Track 15: McGonagall's Office
Track 16: The Forbidden Forest
Track 17: Edge of the Forest
Track 18: Dragons!
Track 19: Dumbledore
Track 20: Staircase Ballet
Track 21: The Duel
Track 22: Invisibility Cloak
Track 23: Moaning Myrtle
Track 24: Scorpius Alone

Suite Three
Track 25: A World of Darkness
Track 26: Another Hogwarts
Track 27: Dementors
Track 28: Expecto Patronum
Track 29: In Trouble (Again)
Track 30: Slytherin Dormitory
Track 31: The Owlery
Track 32: A New Prophecy
Track 33: The Augurey

Suite Four
Track 34: Extraordinary General Meeting
Track 35: Godric's Hollow
Track 36: Paint and Memory
Track 37: Something Written
Track 38: The Final Battle
Track 39: The Arrival
Track 40: Lily and James
Track 41: Burning Bed
Track 42: A Nice Day

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